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SSAO Pro offers a high-quality, stable and fast version of SSAO for Unity with added features like lighting contribution, distance cutoff with smooth falloff and occlusion color.

The SSAO effect (short for Screen-space ambient occlusion) approximates ambient occlusion in realtime. It relies on the depth and normals buffers to darkens creases, holes and surfaces that are close to each other. In real life, such areas tend to block out or occlude ambient light, hence they appear darker.

High Quality
Adds a whole new visual dimension to your scenes using a stable and powerful algorithm.

Quality settings, downsampling levels, variable blur quality... Fine-tune the effect to your needs!

Wide or sharp radius, intensity, occlusion distance and color, distance falloff... Plenty of settings to tweak !

Don't forget to check out the website and documentation.

Unity 4 Pro or Unity 5 (Free or Pro) is required. Tested with Unity Pro 4.5+ and Unity 5.0+ and works on desktop platforms (DirectX 9, DirectX 11, OpenGL).

Although it could potentially work with OpenGL ES 2.0 and 3.0, I wouldn't recommend using this on mobile devices. It's a high-end effect, the performance cost would be too expensive for these platforms to handle at a smooth framerate.

Even though the shader used in this asset is quite optimized, SSAO in itself still is an expensive effect and requires a powerful computer to run at very high settings.

Full source code included.

Models & Textures in screenshots and video by Manufactura K4 (not included in the package).

Published Oct 14, 2014
Made withUnity
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